This Lok Sabha election – 2019, will be remembered for the dirty mindset

Voting for the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019 has ended. Voting for the seventh and final round will be concluded on May 19, after which the results will be announced on May 23.Who will get the lottery it will only tell After these results. But this Lok Sabha election will remember the country for centuries because for the first time continue  dirty language has been used in the election campaign

Especially in the way the Congress did their election campaign rallies, calling the prime minister “Chowkidar chor hai”, and in Amethi, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi slapped anti-Modi slogans with children, it was a moment to cross the extreme threshold of the country’s politics. From the first day of the election campaign, the “Chowkidar chor hai”, Slogan in Rahul Gandhi’s rallies were put on Rahul’s gestures.

. The Congress mentality was never addressed to the Prime Minister in such a way in past. But in this elections, the Congress and its allies crossed all limits. In response, the Prime Minister opened his  in just once and Congress react like chilli bite.The Prime Minister’s elderly mother was also drawn in these elections, commentary was also commented upon her. Not only this, SP leader Azam Khan has crossed the limits by referring to the color of women’s underwear. Mayawati did not even refrain from lifting finger on the prime minister’s side. BSP – SP and Congress talk of backward, talk of giving justice to the backward

But when someone from backward classes becomes a prime minister then these people make the caste of the backward class in the circle of suspicion because that person has become the prime minister from BJP.

The question is that the SP-BSP and Congress can become a Prime Minister other than Mayawati, Akhilesh and Rahul Gandhi? The answer will be found only in this because all these powers are peasants. These people are not concerned about their development. Their effigies should be kept, should they remain on these gestures,

Their father name should go ahead with each and every projects of the country. They want the names of their families on every wall of the country. For this, all this can speak to the prime minister as thieves, can speak Aurangzeb, speak the corpses of the corpses, speak rumors, call the dirt and worm of the dirty canal. Because of the mentality of Modi opponents, this time Lok Sabha elections will be remembered as a dirty mindset election.

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