The Ulhasnagar police arrested three accused who used to grab money and steal ATM cards

The Ulhasnagar police have succeeded in arresting three such accused, who used to send money to their villages in the banks and used their money to fool straight people. Along with this, by stealing the people who had gone to the accused ATM, they also had to steal their ATM card and later withdraw money from their account. In this charge, the Ulhasnagar police arrested Pervez Akbar Ali Sheikh Pradeep Sahebrao Patil and Kiran Kachru Kokane.

According to the Ulhasnagar police, the three accused went to the Paytm Center to help people who had withdrawn their money from the ATM earlier, during which he would have known the ATM PIN. While withdrawing money, these people used to give duplicate ATM cards to the people in return, and after they left, they used to withdraw money from that ATM card from various ATMs. With this, these people used to shop in the markets with ATM cards.

Similarly, according to the Ulhasnagar police, these three accused used to go to different banks and used to live in awe, and they used to fool the people who came directly to send money to their villages. Go to them and meet them for some reason and then to grab their money by giving various reasons instead of their money, this was the money of these people. According to the Ulhasnagar police, information is being extracted from the accused that their area of ​​work was only Ulhasnagar, or that they have carried out the crime in banks elsewhere.

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