Sun in its next astronomical position as per the Hindu calendar: First Shahi Snan in Kumbha Mela

Sea of devotees gathered in Prayagraj ahead of Kumbh Mela’s first Shahi Snan. Around 130-140 million pilgrims and tourists are expected to take a dip at Sangam during the mela, which will end on March 4. According to beliefs, the holy dip will rid them of their sins and free them from the cycle of life and death.

Ardh Kumbh Mela 2019 has begun today with the Mahanirvani Akhada taking the first dip in the holy Ganges. Now other Akhadas are heading to the ghats and over 12 crore devotees are expected to be taking the dip in the river.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Good wishes for the sacred Kumbh Mela starting at Parayagaraj.

This day marks the entry of Sun in its next astronomical position as per the Hindu calendar. This day marks the beginning of donations at Kumbh Mela. It is customary for pilgrims to donate as per their will.

Millions of pilgrims take part in the Kumbh bathing ritual at the Triveni Sangam. Performing this sacred ceremony is in accordance with the belief that by submerging oneself in the holy waters, one is purged of all their sins, release themselves and their ancestors from the cycle of rebirth and ultimate attainment of Moksha. Along with the bathing ritual, the pilgrims also worship on the banks of the holy river and participate in discourses from various sadhus and saints.

It is difficult to say who took responsibility for these amenities before the government made provisions for the same. However, after passing the law, the responsibility of providing the basic facilities lies with the government. On the same lines, the formation of Prayagraj Mela Authority 2018 is an important stepping-stone towards organising the event of the scale of Kumbh. The formation of Prayagraj Mela Authority will ensure that the basic amenities are provided in Kumbh 2019 to the devotees visiting the Mela. For the Kumbh 2019, modern technologies are being deployed to enhance the ‘Divyata’ and ‘Bhavyata’ of the Kumbh. Gates based on various themes will welcome pilgrims and information boards will guide them to their destination. Huge pandals and tents will facilitate the stay of pilgrims and visitors. Various lighting arrangements have been made on the banks including façade lighting that will engulf the pilgrims in diverse colours. Also, different cuisines and gourmet food in the food courts shall satisfy the appetite of the pilgrims.


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