Stringent action needed  against those breaking the Government order of ‘Lockdown’ and organisations such as ‘Tablighi Jamaat

More than 47,000 people have died and 9,40,000 have been infected throughout the world by the corona virus. To stop this pandemic from spreading in India, the Government has taken various remedial measures such as ‘Lockdown’, curfew, etc. and closed all the religious places in the country.

Even in such a situation, Namaz is offered by gathering a large number of people at many mosques, meeting halls, terraces of buildings by trampling the Government order, as is evident from social media. The videos exhorting Muslims not to wear masks, not to obey ‘social distancing’ advisories are aired through websites like ‘Tiktok’.

Now, it is observed that the infection of coronavirus has spread widely in many States due to programme organised by Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi. Similarly, it is also seen that many foreigners have arrived in India on ‘Tourist Visa’ and illegally participated in the programme organised by Tablighi Jamaat. Hindus have maintained their social awareness by closing their temples according to the Government orders;

however, some anti-social elements in the Muslim community are creating obstacles in the efforts of the Government to prevent the spread of coronavirus by disobeying these Government orders and thus, posing dangers to the health of the society. Therefore, the Government should take stringent action against such elements, concerning Maulavis and Tablighi Jamaat, demanded Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

On the one hand, ‘social distancing’ is not strictly followed; on the other hand the Police are physically assaulting those who are disobeying curfew orders. There is no question that action must be taken against those not obeying the law; however, it is unfortunate to witness that no stringent action is being taken against Muslims who are disobeying these orders.

Overseas Muslims are illegally staying in many mosques. They are participating in religious programmes even though they are not permitted to do so as per visa rules. Such things are very dangerous from the viewpoint of national security. Moreover, there are reports that the Muslim patients who are infected by coronavirus are spitting on health employees and doctors and assaulting the Police and medical officers who are deputed to test these patients.

This mentality is not only very dangerous but also a serious crime of spreading coronavirus in society purposefully. Such anti-social elements should be immediately arrested. The so-called progressives and the leaders in the Muslim community are keeping mum over this issue so far.

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