Strengthening defence capabilities, Indian Army to build tunnels on northern borders of China and Pakistan

Strengthening the military base and defence system, the Indian Army is all set to construct tunnels in the mountain ranges of the northern borders. The project in its first phase will have four tunnels which includes one tunnel each in Tawang sector and one in Jammu and Kashmir.

To bring this idea into action, the Indian Army has joined hands with the National Hydroelectric Power Cooperation Limited (NHPC) on Thursday. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU0 has been signed in order to construct tunnels on the borders of Pakistan and China for storage of ammunition and other war-related equipment.

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The project is slated to strengthen Indian Army’s capabilities along the China border where the infrastructure development is outpaced by that of China. Underground storage offers improved safety, easier camouflage from enemy observation and satellite imagery and protection from enemy strikes. These tunnels will be built-in high-altitude areas in the Northern and Eastern borders.

As the conditions in the caverns are controlled, it ensures better safety of sensitive ammunition minimising accidental explosions. As part of the project, a number of caverns with storage capacity of 200 metric tonnes will be built in mountain folds in identified areas.

The Army has debated the idea of underground storage of ammunition for a long time as it has several advantages compared to over ground storage. A range of ammunition used by the Army, ranging from bullets, rockets to anti-tank and surface to air missiles, can be stored in the caverns.


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