Staunch leader so is his word; PM Modi visions to bloom ‘Lotus’ again with simple majority

Gracing the positive experience of Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a press briefing at BJP Headquarters on Friday. PM Modi spoke about his governance strategy in the past five years and how last-mile delivery of services marked his government’s approach to transparent and efficient governance. He also appreciated the journalists and the party Karyakartas for their hard work during the election campaign.

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PM Modi said, “My intuition is that we will form the government again with a simple majority. Rarely has it happened that a majority government, after completing five years, will come to power again.”

PM Modi thanked the country, the people who remained with him through highs and lows.

Unexpected things happened on the same day five years ago, Modi said, when betting rackets were predicting that the BJP would get around 220 seats. “Along with our coming to power, there was a big casualty. Some people invested heavily in betting rackets and lost crores of rupees.”

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“ I just wanted to remind you that results were declared on this day five years ago, we proved everyone wrong. Our anti-corruption campaign started well before we even came to power,” he said.

Modi further said that his party had followed a meticulous programme throughout and despite all odds, he had stuck to it. “I did not miss one poll rally,” he said.

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Party President Amit Shah took all the questions, including one on the number of seats he was expecting the party to bag on May 23.

Amit Shah said. “We are getting over 300 seats on our own. We will form the government with our pre-poll allies and our doors are open to anyone who is willing to join us.”


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