Sharing her midnight horror, decayed bent of police, Ushoshi Sengupta makes Kolkata wonder, ‘Is it even safe here?

Political violence at peak, police officials giving a blind eye to social issues, humanity at stake, well you can guess which is this state! West Bengal has been reeling under the pressure of immense violence and coercive behaviour from the ruling party, the people in the state have also grown out to be violent and inhuman.

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In a recent incident shared by model-turned-actor Ushoshi Sengupta, she highlighted how her Uber driver was dragged out and beaten up by some unidentified miscreants near the Jawaharlal Road crossing while returning home from work. Standing up for the Uber driver, the actress tried to lodge a complaint in the nearby police station, but to her surprise, the officers refused citing that the it didn’t come under their jurisdiction.

Describing her ordeal, Sengupta said, “My Uber driver got into a clash with two boys on a motorcycle. In the beginning I thought it is just a road rage and it will get over. Me and my colleague were in the back seat and contemplating whether to react or not. Suddenly there were some 15 boys came out of nowhere and they tried to drag my driver out and started beating him up. Another guy came to snatch my phone but I somehow managed to take it back. I saw a police station and informed but they refused as it didn’t come under their jurisdiction.”

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It was after the post went viral on social media Facebook, that the Kolkata Police came into action and arrested the boys. Talking about the same, Sengupta said, “I am happy with the fact that the people who committed this crime were arrested. But if you look at them, they are only 18-25-year-old boys.

The question here is not about the safety of women or are girls safe; the question is how far is a person, an individual safe in this state. Why is it only after people bring it in public that the officials take action against such matters? Is it not their duty to protect their citizens irrespective of what jurisdiction it comes under?

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It was after recovering videos submitted by Sengupta and CCTV cameras, the police officials arrested the goons. Later, they informed that those arrested seem to be locals who have been violating traffic rules for quite some time.


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