Sangli women tie rakhis to rescue personnel signifying a caring bond

Spinning a wheel of indebtedness towards the NDRF, Indian Army and the Indian Navy personals who swayed off their own lives to save a lakhs of pupils amid floods in Maharashtra, women in Sangli and Kolhapur made an adorable gesture, binding knots of affection in the form of Rakhis, further thanking brothers to stand by them in the grief hour.

Making one feel overwhelmed, the video growing verve over the social media, depicted a sympathising token of love, respect and gratefulness, the ladies in Sangli had for the rescue team members. On their way back, the women, aligining to the Indian Culture, invested talisman with the brothers, sharing a bond of responsibility and potential care.

Pictures of women tying rakhi were also shared by Navy spokesperson on Twitter which gained widespread praised by netizens. “Heartwarming scenes witnessed in village Rajapur, Kolhapur as ladies tied rakhi to their Indian Navy brothers for fulfilling their dharma by protecting them when all hope seemed lost,” the spokesperson tweeted along with four photos featuring Navymen on a rescue boat.

Maharashtra, being one of the states that has been majorly affected by the monsoon, creating floods, Sangli, in West stands most affected by the rains, ruining the normal lifestyles to the brim. Rescue teams meanwhile, being NDRF, Army and the Navy have been working tirelessly to help the people stuck in the floods, gaining lauds and applauds from the nationwide for providing required assistance within time.


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