Salman Khan slaps security guards

Salman Khan, the superstar of Hindi films, came to give a fervor to Eid. During meeting with his supporters, Salman’s Bodyguard did a bad thing with a child, Salman slapped his bodyguard. The video of this incident has been heavily subsumed on social media. Superstar Salman Khan has not responded to this incident.

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But on the social media, some people believe this incident is wrong. Where as,  A large number of superstar Salman Khan fans have come to support him. But some people consider it a part of the promotion of superstar Salman Khan’s new released film “India” released this week.

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The incident is being told that this incident took place during the premiere of ‘India’ Salman’s new film, which was released on Wednesday. In the video, Salman is walking towards his vehicle while a security guard is making a way for him. The actor was allegedly upset over the behavior of the security guard by a child involved in the crowd. Salman slapped that security guard.

Some social media users criticized the actor about his behavior on viral Video on social media, while his fans came in support of him. A social media user wrote, “It is Salman Khan’s ego, he could do it with humility too.”

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One fan wrote, “Very good Salman Khan Some of the dislikes will create some negative stories but for your information, Salman Khan slapped his security guards who failed to take care of small children who were pressuring the crowd …. “Many fans of Salman Khan To congratulate Eid, they were gathered outside the Galaxy apartment located in Bandra.

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