Retired Police Officer’s Wife Arrested In Extortion Case

Vikroli police have arrested a woman for demanding a ransom of Rs 5 lakh to a tempo driver who smuggled Gutkhi into Mumbai. Bharati Chaudhary is the name of the woman who is the wife of a former police officer.

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Bharati Chaudhary had joined BJP before leaving the NCP with Chitra Wagh before the assembly elections. Bharati Chaudhary and the accused, along with the accused, have been sent to court.

According to police, Deepak Gupta, a tempo driver, was going to the Bhendi market with a box containing leaf spice. B. K A brother named Bhai gave him this job.

The accused told the police that the accused woman stopped the truck carrying the Gutka in front of Godrej Company at Vikhroli. An accused youth who was with the accused woman started threatening the driver while pretending to be himself a policeman. The police have arrested the accused Bharati Chaudhary and the Chandan Yadav along with her. The information came to the police.

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Bharti’s husband Damodar, who has just retired from the police force, has not yet left the police quarters. Damodar Chowdhury was a senior inspector at the Chunabhatti police station. Police said they tried to commit suicide on the 7th. According to the information given by the Additional Commissioner of Police of the Eastern Division, Lakshmi Gautam, the accused woman, and her accomplice are currently being sent to court. They have been charged under sections 5, 6, 6 and 9 of the case.

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