Rain water harvesting system provided by CPWD

To address the problem of depleting ground water resources, CPWD had decided for storage of the rain water and artificial recharge of the ground water by providing rain water harvesting systems in its campuses and works to conserve and use the rain water and augment ground water resources to save it from further depletion.

CPWD played a pioneering role in promoting adoption of the Rain water harvesting/artificial recharge to ground water in the country. CPWD has so far provided about 1100 rain water harvesting systems in different locations/ areas under its jurisdiction in the country. Some of the photographs of the rain water harvesting systems provided by the CPWD are as under:

Rain water harvesting system at MNIT Jaipur

Roof Top water collection and recharge new ink factory Devas

50 Lakh Litresrain water storage tanks at IIT Gandhinagar campus



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