Quadricycles permitted to be used as passenger vehicles

Road Transport and Highways Ministry has notified the ion of the item Quadricycle as a non-transport vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. A Quadricycle is a vehicle of the size of a 3-wheeler but with four tyres. It is fully covered like a car and has an engine like that of a 3-wheeler.

An official release said this makes it a cheap and safe mode of transport for last mile connectivity. Quadricycles were only allowed for transport usage under the Act but now has been made usable for non-transport also.

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This move will certainly help manufacturers like Bajaj Auto India who have been fighting for the inclusion of the Quadricycle. The Bajaj Qute will finally be available for sale and though the company already exports the quadricycle to other markets, it’s inclusion in India will certainly see sales soaring.

With petrol and CNG versions, Bajaj Auto’s Qute, first unveiled in 2012, was one of the first quadricycles manufactured in India. However, it could not be launched due to regulatory and safety concerns. In June, the government allowed quadricycles for commercial use, paving the way for the launch of such vehicles.

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