PURA BAHUMAT AYEGA.. 14 ME BHI AYA THA, 19 ME BHI AYEGA..! Read why Modi for New India..!

Calling him a thief, a cheat or a chaiwala is very easy at times, but his intentions for India’s development has proved his mettle in a number of tough conditions. Many may call him an anti-Muslim or a Hindu with extremist tendencies, but that not being the case at all, his undeterred resolve to turn India into a no-corruption country along with his commitment to development helped him win Lok Sabha 2014 with absolute majority. Yes, its Narendra Modi and the NDA government, we are talking about..!

Since 2014, when Modi government has assumed office, India has embarked on a new journey to realise dreams and hopes of 1.25 billion Indians with the greatest ever momentum on development and good governance, turning the aspirations into achievements. Four and half years later, with various economic, political and societal transformations brought about by this government, the nation stands on a strong foundation to build a New India by 2022.

Further, always thinking of the nation’s breakthrough and progress, Modiji set his position in reign in year 2014 along with that in the minds of sea of masses. Ahead of the LokSabha elections 2019, the flames of the campaign by the Congress and the ruling government have blazed up. Considering the visible passage of growth in the last five years, here is why the 2019 empire belongs to Modiji again :

  1. Start-up India:

Today’s youth wants to be job creators and not just job seekers. They want someone to believe in them. Today, we have three lakh youth common service centres in the country. In terms of excellence, India has the second largest startup ecosystem in the world. With this comprehensive 4E approach we are progressing.

  1. Energy Sector:

India has made an investment of $42 billion in the renewable energy sector over the past four year and is likely to generate opportunity of business worth between $70 billion and $80 billion in the green energy space over four years. The country is planing to install 28 lakh solar pumps in the next four years to enable 10 Gigawatt energy. Also, there are plans to make bio-fuel from bio-waste which will help the transport sector.

  1. Healthy India:

Modi government’s New India is a healthy India where everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare services. Ayushman Bharat, price capping of essential medicines & implants and Jan Aushadhi are helping in realising this dream of New India.

  1. Free LPG gas connections:

Releasing the Indian women of the traditional cooking practices, PM’s Ujwala Yojana have attained the target of more than 6 crore families being provided with free gas connections. The government bears the cost of Rs 1,500 for an LPG connection that includes a security deposit, installation costs, and a hose for each beneficiary.

  1. Farmer’s distress:

In the Interim Budget of 2019, the government announced a new scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman (PM Kisan) for the assured income support to the farmers. The scheme would be implemented with retrospective effect from December 2018, paying Rs 6000 as assured amount income for the farmers.

  1. Zero Tolerance towards corruption:

Inter framing the demonetisation in India couple of years ago, the empire very efficiently targeted the black money and made robust the formal financial banking system within. Modi government’s crackdown on more than 3.30 lakh shell companies, wiped of the pinches of corruption.

  1. Terror on backfoot:

A secured and safe India, with terror on back foot, India carried out Surgical Strikes showing new mettle and a New India, ever in the nation’s history.

  1. Mudra loan:

One crore people have been benefited from the government’s flagship scheme, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana in less than two months. Loans worth Rs 6 lakh crore have been disbursed to 12 crore people since its launch in April 2015.


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