President of India inaugurates the Centenary Celebrations of St. Thomas’ College, Thrissur

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the centenary celebrations of St. Thomas’ college, Thrissur, Kerala.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the Christian community in Kerala is one of the oldest not only in India but anywhere in the world. Its heritage and history are a matter of immense pride for the entire country – and a symbol of India’s non-negotiable commitment to its diversity and pluralism.

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The President said that the motto of St Thomas’ College – Veritas vos Liberabit or Truth will set you Free – is extremely appropriate. It reminds us that the real value of education lies not in examinations and in degrees – but in how we learn to help fellow human beings and care for those who are less well-off or in need of what we have and can share with them. It is this mission that must continue to guide us as we strive to educate and build our society, and fashion the Kerala and India of our dreams. Educational institutions like St Thomas’ College are critical to that journey.

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