PM Modi slyly comments on desperate Congress to be in power, says “Jitna zyada dal-dal hota hai utna hi zyada kamal khilta hai.”

Reclining the dialogue “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” Prime Minister Narendra Modi left no stones unturned in giving a befitting reply to the opposition for their misleading and deceptive allegations on the ruling party. Attacking a scathing remark on Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing Kisan Kalyan Rally in Shahjahanpur said, “Jitna zyada dal-dal hota hai utna hi zyada kamal khilta hai.” The Prime Minister also accused the opposition of grabbing votes on basis of money and ignoring the development and progress of the country.  Addressing the farmers’ rally in Shajahanpur on Saturday, this was PM Modi’s third visit to the state in less than a month. Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh is considered to be one of the biggest farmer mandis or market and is also a prominent cane growing district.

The Narendra Modi govt has announced a huge Rs. 8, 000-crore package for sugarcane farmers and also recently increased the Minimum Support Price on sugarcane for the coming season. The sugarcane dues in UP however, stand at over Rs. 10, 000 crore at the moment, and the Yogi Adityanath govt has not been able to keep its promise of clearing cane dues within 2 weeks, last year, after he was sworn in as Chief Minister.

Hinting to the crocodile tears by the opposition, PM Modi said that those shedding crocodile’s tears in the name of farmers didn’t do anything for MSP hike. Our government has decided to increase the benefit to farmers selling sugarcane produce from Rs 20 to Rs 275. He further added that the priority of central govt & UP govt is to ensure that the hard work of the farmers of this nation is respected. This is the reason several decisions have been taken to benefit sugarcane farmers.

Remarking on the “no-confidence motion” passed by the opposition in the Monsoon Session, PM Modi commented saying that the opposition asked “why did our government supply electricity to 18,000 villages but not to the homes. I want to ask them who is responsible for this, what did they do in 70 years of their rule?”

Taking a jibe on the Congress Presidents gesture of asking PM Modi to stand from chair, PM Modi slyly commented saying that the Congress president was in a hurry to come into power. Stating the opposition trying their level best to join hands with other parties, PM Modi said that joining hands with others will only make us strong. “Jitna zyada dal-dal hots hai utna hi zyada kamal khilta hai.”

Failing to prove their part on why the No confidence Motion was passed by the opposition, Prime Minister said that the opposition had no proper answer on their stance. In a veiled attack on Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said that the nation yesterday saw that few people (Rahul Gandhi) have their eyes set on PM’s chair. They neither see the nation nor the poverty other than that.

Claiming that the country has changed and the people as well, the Prime Minister said that the opposition brought forth irrelevant and unrelated proposals for their future endeavors but they have failed to understand that the youth are aware and the daughters of the country are alert and would not get swayed by the inappropriate and baseless promises of the opposition.

On lines of taking the country to achieve its New India goal by 2022, PM Modi said that his government has been working on many projects. No single region will be spared; the government is going to be working at double the pace. Shahjahanpur is also reaching benefits from these plans. Our plan is to brighten the 49 crore family of the country.

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