PM Modi opts for crown of India, Jammu and Kashmir to kick off the election campaign

Setting up the election flame, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to kick off his campaigning from tomorrow starting from the crown state of India Jammu and Kashmir. Announced by BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, he said that the first day of the campaigning will be started from Jammu and Kashmir highlighting the commitment towards the state.

Addressing the media, Ram Madhav said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be starting the election campaign from tomorrow and will come to Jammu and Kashmir on the first day of the campaign itself, which also shows our commitment towards the state.”

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As the state of Jammu and Kashmir reins under the President’s rule, there have been many political tiffs in the state. Accusing the regional parties, PDP and National Conference, Ram Madhav said that the parties are not allowing leadership to grow from the ground level and therefore had boycotted the municipal and panchayat polls.

Adding further he said, “Some regional parties had boycotted the municipal and panchayat elections. But now when there are parliamentary elections, the same leaders are in the fray to contest polls. It vindicates the point that they have no intention of strengthening democracy but want to keep their seats intact. They do not want leaders to grow from the ground level and that is why they boycotted the municipal election.”

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In 2014, BJP had won the state’s three parliamentary seats – Jammu, Udhampur, and Ladakh – out of six. Jammu and Kashmir will vote for the Lok Sabha elections in five phases – April 11, 18, 23, 29 and May 6. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.

Commenting on successful testing of ASAT capability of India, the BJP general secretary said that achievement of space scientist is phenomenal and there shouldn’t be any politics on the issue. “We have achieved the capability of targeting low earth orbit satellites. India has joined the elite club of countries. It’s our scientist who has achieved it and let’s not make it a political discourse,” he said.


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