“Our judiciary has been the strongest judiciary in the world”, says CJI Deepak Misra bidding adieu to Indian judiciary

New Delhi: Bidding adieu to the Indian judiciary, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra lauded India’s judiciary as the “strongest” and the “most robust institution” in the world. The Indian judiciary stands firm in the face of many assault, CJI Misra, who was speaking at his farewell event said. “Our judiciary has been the strongest judiciary in the world, having the capability to handle a mind boggling number of cases.”

So, unless the Supreme Court is approached for an urgent matter tomorrow, CJI Misra will not hear any legal matter ever again. As per convention, CJI Misra held court with his successor, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who will take oath as the Chief Justice of India on October 3.

CJI Misra was felicitated at an event in the Supreme Court premises where CJI-designate Ranjan Gogoi lauded his predecessor. “Justice Dipak Misra is a remarkable judge,” Justice Gogoi said, whose “greatest contribution has been to civil liberties.”

“Justice must have human face,” Misra said. “History can be sometimes kind, and unkind. I don’t judge people by their history but by their activities, perspective.”

In his tenure as the Chief Justice of India, Deepak Misra slated many remarkable decisions favoring the citizens of the country. Making Section 377 legal was one of the most extraordinary law, it gave people a free mind to think and embrace the feeling of acceptance. Opening gates of Sabarimala temple gave another incredible success to Indian judiciary.

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