On the lines of PM Modi, Devendra Fadnavis too visited the Kedarnath temple today,

On the lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Devendra Fadnavis visited the Kedarnath temple on Wednesday before the election results came and saw Lord Shankar. The results of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly elections are coming tomorrow. Just a day before this, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis reached Kedarnath with his wife Amrita Fadnavis to see Lord Mahadev. CM Fadnavis reached the court of Mahakal with some people and offered prayers.

It is necessary to mention here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reached Kedarnath before the Lok Sabha elections results in May this year. PM Modi meditated in a cave here and offered prayers. CM Devendra Fadnavis was accompanied by his wife Amrita Fadnavis. After the pooja, CM took pictures in front of Lord Mahadev’s door. However, he did not give any statement here.
Let us know that the results of the Maharashtra Assembly elections will come on Thursday i.e. on October 24, the counting of Maharashtra and Haryana will begin from 8 am on Thursday. Votes were cast on October 21 for both states.

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