Now is there conspiracy to spread chaos across the country ?

( Karan Hindustani )

With the establishment of the Modi government once again, the condition of some people has become like a mad dog. In any way, there regular attamp that, more and more people should fill fear of Modi government. Some people are trying to cross the limits.

Talking about the first incident of Bihar, where a person after being asked by his name, he shot, saying that you are a Muslim, you should go to Pakistan.In the second incident, one of Pune’s Dr Gadre was asked forcible to say Jai Shriram in Delhi’s Connaught Place, Gadre did not complain about this matter in the police. In the third incident, a foreigner in Mathura was beaten just because he did not answer Jai Shri Ram.

Now, mentioning the first incident, the young man who was shot to death, was a young man of that area? Was he shot while targeting a particular person? Was the young man in which he was the only Muslim youth of that area?

This incident clearly shows that the youth is utterly lying. This matter should be examined by going to the depth, and if the youth is telling the truth then the guilty should be punished, But  if there is an attempt to create an environment against the Modi Government, strict action must be taken.

Talking about the second incident, the incident happened in the Carnat Place, where network of intelligence cameras is spreaded around the Kanat Place, this area is a very sensitive area of ​​Delhi, while Jantar Mantar, Rajiv Chowk metro station, Janpath market and Delhi Railway Station located.

Despite being a posh area, the presence of people is high. In such a case, who is here to take risk and attack anyone on such foolish subject, Dr. Gadre is a well-educated gentleman, why did not he immediately complain to police, and why he did not cautiously check the CCTV footage ? That’s why the case of Dr. Gadre seems suspicious.

Now talk of the incident of Mathura. There is some truth in this incident. Because complainant have nothing to do with Modi government? Investigations at the high level of the incident in Mathura are also important. The kind of environment that is being created and shown in the country is dangerous for the future.

The masked faces behind these incidents must be brought in front of everyone and this work must done by the central government itself, as some people are plotting to spread religious chaos in the country. Special investigation teams should be formed for such cases, whose work should be kept in front of the court and the people of the country by detecting the truth in these cases. Otherwise, chaotic elements will dominate in the country.

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