No tribal hostel will be closed- Vivek Pandit

Pandit appealed tribal students not to worry about it

The hostels of tribal students will not stop , so that there is no proposal from the Government of Maharashtra, students should not be worried about this, THis appeal is made by Tribunal Review Committee Chairman (MOS) Vivek Pandit. Pandit has given  the courage to the students, to say that the news going on social media was unfounded.

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The news has become viral on social media since the government has decided to shut down the tribal hostel since yesterday. Some news channels had also shown the news, The news showed tribal students being shocked. Tribal Area Review Committee Chairman  Vivek Pandit immediately informed about the details of contacting Tribal Commissioner Kiran Kulkarni. Kulkarni explained to Pandit about No proposal of Maharashtra government to shut up tribal students’ hostels, But instead the government is considering creation of hostels of new tribal students. They said that the hostels are proposed. Therefore, Vivek Pandit has appealed to the students not to worry.

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