No more ‘chalta hai’ attitude! Be a responsible citizen and brace up for steeper fines for traffic violations

With the New Motar Vehicle Act kicking in, the people who lauded the Narendra Modi Governement for undertaking the motor rule evolution, have now began to hue and cry and create a fuss here in India.

This is probably after a man in Gurugram on September 2 was fined Rs 23000 for flouting several traffic rules and ended up surrendering his moped which valued less than the fine imposed.

In a much needed stricter traffic regime, the Act makes it mandatory for the two wheelers to have their helmets and four wheelers to wear their seat belts while driving. This move however will curb ill practice of driving without licence and other documents, helmet, further directly aligning to the road safety measures.

The amendments taking effect from September 01, slate to impound higher penalties for various traffic violations under the Motor Vehicles Act. The Bill being passed in the parliament last month aim at tightening road traffic regulations such as the issuance of driving licence and impose stricter penalties for violations in an attempt to improve road safety.

Unlike early times, the masses are now to be careful before overtaking the vehicles from left, talking on mobile phones while on a ride, over speeding, blocking emergency vehicles like an ambulance, driving despite disqualification, under aged driving and parking in wrong areas. Or else the other option available lies at ensuring of saving extra, driving ill and paying extra, which likely seem unappreciable.

Instead of criticizing the government for this ever stricter evolution move, people shall now dust of the ‘chalta he attitude’ and be a responsible citizen, follow the rules and save the heavy fines indirectly saving our own lives!


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