No more age-inappropriate acts! I&B ministry issues advisory to Dance reality shows

Today is the reality show’s era. Today everyone has the dream to be on reality shows. But there are many age-inappropriate things happened on the shows, which are much time disturbing to the viewers.

On this issue, the I&B Ministry has noticed that several dance-based reality TV shows portray young children performing dance moves originally done by adults in movies and other popular modes of entertainment.

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These moves are often suggestive and age-inappropriate. Such acts may also have a distressing impact on children, impacting them at a young and impressionable age.

All private satellite TV Channels are expected to abide by the provisions contained in Programme & Advertising Codes prescribed under the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and rules framed. As per the rules, no program should be carried on TV which denigrates children, and further that programs meant for children should not contain any bad language or explicit scenes of violence.

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The Ministry has accordingly issued an Advisory to all private satellite TV channels to avoid showing children in an indecent, suggestive and inappropriate manner in dance reality shows or other such programs. The channels have been further advised to exercise maximum restraint, sensitivity and caution while showing such reality shows and programs.


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