New deadline for Patripool has been given by MSRDC

( Shivam Dubey )

The MSRDC has announced a new deadline of February 2020 for personnel who have been suffering from traffic since last year. Good Panels are placed on both side of the pool. The bridge was closed after reports of the bridge being dangerous to traffic. The bridge was closed in August last year for all types of transport.

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Since then, only the series of ‘date on date’ has continued. It has now added a new banner set up by MSRDC, claiming that the bridge will be completed by the end of February next year. In addition, bridge girder work is going on in Hyderabad and 5 out of 22 piles have been completed.

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MSRDC also hopes to have the girder from Hyderabad by December 2019. It was also mentioned that by the end of February 2020 traffic will start from this bridge. But in the last year, several deadlines have been given regarding Patripool. The question is, on what basis should people rely on this new deadline for the work to be completed?


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