New business of fooling Maharashtra; Devendra Fadnavis

This government, created by treachery, made the first treachery of the farmers affected by the rains. Didn’t help them. The other betrayer excluded them from the loan and now offered him 10 rupees for food. Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis has criticized the state government for making fools of Maharashtra a new industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Devendra Fadnavis said that the promise of seven-to-twelve laps was in the air. District numbers are now being provided for how many people get food for 10 rupees. He alleged that only 300 people could get this meal in the entire Nandurbar district.

Also, the freedom fighter Savarkar endured endless atrocities for freedom. He is the only freedom fighter to have twice the life expectancy. Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis raised the question of how often the Shiv Sena would tolerate the humiliation of a family who sacrificed everything for the nation, while speaking at meetings in Nandurbar districts. The Shiv Sena was silent after Rahul Gandhi raised contempt for Savarkar.

Before leaving for Dhule district, he addressed two meetings for promotion of Zilla Parishad elections in Dhadgaon and Borad in Nandurbar district today. He informed about the work done by the government during the last 5 years for the poor and tribals.

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