Municipal administration is committed to solve the health issues of citizens of its area – Commissioner Govind Bodke

(Rajesh Sinha)

The maternity home situated in front of the Brahmin sabha of Dombivli east . Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation has been closed for nearly one and a half years. In spite of this, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Commissioner Govind Bodke has spoken to Mumbai aas paas and said that for some reason this public utility maternity home is closed. But the municipal administration is constantly trying to get it started again, under this, the maternity home is again Applications were also started under the BOT to get started, but there was no positive feedback on this. That’s why it’s delayed to start

According to Municipal Commissioner Govind Bodke, once again the approval for submission of tender under the BOT process has been taken from Municipal General Assembly to start this maternity home again and accordingly, the administration will be asked to file the matter with them. Committed to abolishing medical problems and continuously strive to solve them

According to Commissioner Govind Bodke, new recruitment process has also been started for the shortage of doctors and hospital personnel in Rukmini bai hospital  of Kalyan and Shashtri Nagar Hospital in Dombivli, along with necessary machinery for the patients to check patients and lack of medicines. Work is also under progress for the fulfillment.

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