MHA issues advisory to Mamata Banerjee for doctor’s strike seeking report urgently

Joining in from across the country, the doctors have signified solidarity standing against the state government for protection of their rights. The state government on the other hand has shown a blind eye to the needs of the doctors unnecessarily blaming the opposition by calling it a political stunt.

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Even after the protest intensified, the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee still gave an ignorant reaction to the doctors. Coming into picture, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an advisory to the West Bengal government and sought a report on the rising political violence in the State.

The MHA stated that the “unabated violence” in the State over the years was a matter of deep concern. It also issued another advisory on the ongoing doctors’ strike in the State and sought a report on the matter urgently.

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In the doctors’ strike advisory, the MHA said, “this Ministry is in receipt of a number of representations from doctors, healthcare professionals and medical associations from different parts of country for their safety and security in view of the ongoing strike by doctors in West Bengal. It is requested that a detailed report be sent urgently on the representations and ongoing strike by the doctors.”

The MHA in its prior advisory on the political violence incidents stated that it received reports that the number of incidents of political violence in the State increased from 509 in 2016 to 1035 in 2018.

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The political violence advisory said, “The continued trend of political violence from 2016 through 2019, as evident from the above figures, is indicative of the failure on the part of the law enforcement machinery of the State to maintain the rule of law and to inspire a sense of security among the people. Government of India is seriously concerned over the prevalent situation in West Bengal.

“It is requested that a report may be sent to this Ministry on the steps taken by the State Government and its law enforcement machinery to investigate the incidents of violence to bring the culprits to book as also the measures taken to contain and curb violence.”


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