Mahim suitcase murder case discloses, a reasoning love affair of adopted daughter’s

The Crime Branch of Mumbai Police has arrested two people on suspicion of embezzlement of human remains found in a suitcase at sea in Mahim. The two arrested were lovers, who were killed from the property and then cut the body into three parts and put the pieces in a suitcase and threw them into the sweet river. Benotto (1) is a dead Islamist who is single.

Benito, who runs concerts in five-star hotels outside Mumbai as well as outside Mumbai, lived alone in the Santacruz East Vakola Mosque. He adopted a young woman a few years ago. The woman begins a love affair with a young man who, with the help of her lover, kills Benotto in the house of his adopted daughter to gain her wealth. Then, Benotto’s body was broken into three parts and thrown into three separate suitcases and thrown into a muddy river flowing from Vakola. A case was reported to the Mahim Police on Monday at sea behind the Mahim Dargah, in which the police recovered an arm, a leg and male genitalia. In this case, the Mahim police had launched a murder investigation against the unidentified person.

Some evidence was handed over to the Crime Branch, which investigated the crime, on the evidence that the Crime Branch recovered the complex and challenging crime and arrested them both.

The Mahim Police found a shirt with human limbs in a suitcase that was taken to the beach of the Mahim Dargah. The mark on the shirt’s collar was of ‘Alamo’ Taylor. From this trail, Crime Branch Room 1 was discovered by Taylor. Sadar Taylor had arrived at the Almo Taylor shop on Belgrami Road, Kurla West.

Pony under the supervision of Jagdish Salle, in-charge of Crime Branch Cell-9. Yogesh Chavan, Saponi Mahendra Patil and the squad were technically investigating and searching for the accused and both were detained for questioning. Both confessed to the crime during interrogation.

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