Maharashtra gives toll waivers for vehicles plying to Konkan during 10 day fest

While people around in the cities of Maharashtra are long waiting for the arrival of Lord Ganesha, the state government has decided to give toll waivers during Ganesh festival for the vehicles plying to Konkan on the Mumbai-Goa and Mumbai-Pune Express highways via Kolhapur.

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The exemption however is slated to be for four days from September 10 to 13 as well as for the return journey.

Further according to the State Public Undertakings, the passes for vehicle are made available at police stations, traffic police chowkies and Regional Transport Offices. Also the orders have been given to repair the potholes immediately on the Mumbai-Goa highway.

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People in Maharashtra have started gearing up for the 10 days Ganesh festival from September 2 this year. While individuals can take a limited but restricted holidays, most of the government offices and most of the businesses remain open.

However, the system in India gives masses the flexibility to take time off to celebrate India’s vast religious and cultural society.


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