Maharashtra assembly elections 2019, why the vote percentage is decreasing?

This time the manner in which the voters have exercised their desire to vote is not only fatal to democracy but is also a message for serious consideration for various political parties. The decrease in the number of voters year after year is a sign that the general voter is fed up with the announcements of the leaders. The public is bored by seeing and hearing the same old face and the same assurance. The public wants work. But various political parties are misleading the public by showing crores of crores of funds.

Bahubalis have become dominant in political parties over educated people. The bigger the criminal, the bigger the ticket claimant. A common dedicated worker cannot even see the dream of a ticket. Along with muscle power, being a money power has also become the fashion of today. Money is being used openly.

It seems from the elections held on Monday that it is the job of the rich to fight the elections. Before the announcement of elections, lakhs of rupees are donated to various local pooja mandals. Private buildings are provided with CCTV in packages. All these are not part of clean democracy. Some candidates started the process of luring the public and today this disease is being eaten like a termite to democracy.

After getting political parties to work in their societies, people also have the same idea that these alleged warlords of democracy have done or not done anything for the assembly constituency, our work is happening or not. With such ideas, democracy will be weak rather than strong. In such a situation, it is necessary to consider the vigilant guards of democracy seriously or else the percentage of vote will come down even more.

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