Jumping eight months high, retail inflation in June pumps up to 3.18% citing rise in food prices

After the inside story of the Wholesale Price Index based inflation went out in open, the retail inflation in the month of June increased marginally to 3.18 per cent over the previous month, citing to the rise in food prices.

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It being on rise since January this year, the retail inflation based on the Consumer Price Index stood at 3.05 per cent in May and 4.92 per cent in June 2018.

As per the CPI data released by the Central Statistics Office on Friday, the food inflation was 2.17 per cent in June 2019, up from 1.83 per cent in the preceding month.

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Inflation in protein rich food items, like egg, meat and fish, was higher in June compared to the previous month. However, the rate of price rise in vegetables and fruits was slower.

Retail inflation refers to increase in prices of certain products or commodities compared to a base price. The Reserve Bank of India mainly factors in the retail inflation while deciding the bi-monthlhy monetary policy.


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