Jharkhand Baby Farms-Flourishing brazen Industry of commercial baby rearing

Look at these white cassock men not as “Men of God” but as “Wholesalers”! Whilst these Fathers, the Men of God are enmeshed in sexual abuse cases in Spain, Chile, Australia, USA and all over the world yet another dark side of chivalry has come to light here too in India! A Church, a place of worship of ‘Virgin Mary’ and her ‘Devine Infant’ is now selling babies like pets! The Holy fundraisers are now minting money by running pets and pleasure shops!

In many countries it is mandatory to establish a committee to monitor and regulate the child adoption through orphanages; in India such set-up is called as a “Child Welfare Committee” (CWC) that regulates and accounts for orphans in Government as well as in private orphanages and abandoned infant homes.

Furthermore, as per the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and the rules thereunder, in India, no new born can be adopted from orphanage unless declared ‘legally free for adoption’ by CWC. The said Indian law has prerequisites for prospective adoptive parents as well.

Any failure on part of a private orphanage to follow the CWC procedure or to maintain such records cancels its license and calls for Government body to take the charge of the orphans thereat.

However, no such procedure or any record of orphans with the Missionaries of Charities, the famous Mother Teresa Childcare Home was followed or maintained here at Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Countless single mothers must have been admitted in these shelter homes run by Missionaries of Charities to deliver infants secretly behind the dark high walls of churches. Many might have died in this hush-hush dark process and buried in backyard of so called ‘care homes’ or caught in vicious circle of the silent crime! There is no account of how many single mothers were admitted and how many babies were born for money and were traded by such sham orphanages and shelter homes!

The child harvesting and trading the babies born out-of-wedlock was probably the most successful ‘business model’ of Missionaries of Charities until the few families, ‘the prospective buyers of babies’ who had given advance money to Nuns, reached police station on ‘non-delivery’ of ‘traded commodity’ ‘the babies’! Few dejected mothers too came forward whose new born were brutally snatched and sold by these nuns, ‘the baby brokers’. The investigating police so far have not received any clear definite reply from Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity. There is nothing clear except missionaries involved in child trafficking, a hideous crime, an unpardonable sin!

Ranchi police probe reveals that the birth register maintained by the Missionaries of Charity for 2016 – 2018 has the last entry at the number 943 implying that during these 2 years, 943 out-of-wedlock babies were born in their childcare homes. However, there are only 121 births reported as the record starts with the number 822 and not with the number 1! No staff or a nun has not provided any explanation about the register entries from 1 to 821 nor can they vouch for its accuracy or assure that there are no births after 943!!

What if these babies were not given up for adoption to eligible adoptive parents and trapped in ‘baby-laundering’, sold for slavery or any witchcraft or a black magic ritual?

Such a huge number of unmarried childbearing mothers and the secret trade of babies also raise grave concern over exploitation of young girls by Catholic missionaries. Do they lure young and / minor girls into human trafficking, commercial surrogacy or use them as a baby producing machine by promising them some incentives/cuts? These missionaries are known to conduct Christian cultural programs in far-flung areas. Is the Church conducting the ‘dating-mating program’ on pretext of cultural gatherings for tribes and making millions from dehumanisation and demonising the tribal women and their new born?

In the tribal society orphans are not handed over to orphanages. The tribe never gives away the orphaned kids rather raises the orphaned as own children. In such scenario, it is too difficult to conceive the fact that the missionaries have got thousands of single mothers who abandoned their babies out of shame!

Are these Catholic missionaries running “Baby Farms” as a profit making business? Has this business got into full swing in India? Are these babies trafficked out of India? There are many such questions that Church is yet to answer.

In coming days the police probe of Catholic missionaries shall unearthed many more horrific stories of “Catholic baby farming” for sure.

But a question remains, and by no means an unimportant one. Is this we expect from a known peaceful religion that worships Virgin Mary and her infant Jesus? Isn’t it a “mortal sin” by Church itself that is lethal to its spirituality and its existence all over the world?

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