Intensifying Tensions! Israel Fires Missiles on Syria

The tensions between Israel and Syria are intensifying day by day as Israel carried out missile strikes on Syria yesterday in response to rare rocket fire from Syria. 10 people have been reported killed including three Syrian soldiers and foreign fighters. Israel Defense Forces published a video of air strikes on twitter.

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Israel’s Army informed that two rockets were fired from Syria at Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and one had been located in Israel’s territory. In response, Israeli army attacked two Syrian artillery batteries and a SA-2 aerial defense battery. The foreign fighters were killed in the strikes close to the capital Damascus where Syrian troops, Iranian forces and Hezbollah fighters are stationed.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered the strike. “We are not prepared to tolerate the shooting of our territory and we react with great force against all aggression against us,’’ said Netanyahu in a tweet.

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