Impossibles have turned possible..! Full potency to make India a ten trillion dollar economy..!

“Before 2014, we heard of many competition, although of a different kinds. That between ministries, between the individuals, a competition on corruption, a competition on delays. There was competition on who can do maximum, fastest and innovative corruption. Who would know better than all of you here about the challenges the country was facing during 2013-14”, signalled the Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the sea of intellectuals at the Global Business Summit in New Delhi, Saturday.

“Inflation was breaking the back of every house-hold and the increasing current account deficit & higher fiscal deficit were threatening macro-economic stability of the country then. The country was facing total policy paralysis. This was preventing the economy from reaching the level which it was worthy of. The global fraternity was also worried about health of this member of fragile five club”, he added in relation.

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“It was in this background that our government came to serve the people and today change is clearly visible. After 2014, hesitations have been replaced by hope, Obstacles have been replaced by optimism and issues have been replaced by initiatives. Now a business with a turnover of upto Rs 40 lakh does not have to register for GST. Now a business with a turnover of upto Rs 60 lakh does not have to pay any income tax. Now a business with a turnover of upto Rs 1.5 crore is eligible for the composition scheme”, he lauded the government decisions.

India’s ranking in the World Travel & Tourism Competitiveness index has gone up from 65 in 2013 to 40 in 2017. Unlike before, today, there is a competition as to whether India will get 100% sanitation first or 100% electrification first. “There is competition as to whether all habitations will be connected by road first or all homes will get gas connection first. There is competition as to which state will attract more investment. There is competition as to which states will build houses for the poor fastest. There is competition as to which aspirational district will progress fastest”, he added poetically.

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We have moved away from the A, B, C mentality A for avoiding, B for burying and C for confusing Instead of avoiding, we dealt with the issue. Instead of burying it, we dug it out & communicated to the people, instead of confusing the system, we showed a solution is possible. We want to give our people energy security and cut down on import dependence. We also want to make India a world leader in electric vehicles and energy storage devices. With these goals in mind, let us re-dedicate ourselves to create a New India of our dreams”, he signed off.


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