illuminating stations with LED lights, Indian Railways shines with its new wave for energy consumption

Achieving its target, the Indian Railway has rightfully walked on the success path by illuminating the station with LED lighting. The target of installing LED lights across its network is a move that would help the national transporter Indian Railways to save Rs 50 crore per annum in electricity bills.

The installation of LED lights has swayed in the importance of energy consumption in the country. All the offices, railway stations, departments have installed LED lightings so as to move forward with a vow to curb wastage of energy. This will save crores of units of electricity, reduce carbon emissions, and save electricity bills.

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Indian Railway has time and again transformed itself in shaping and welcoming new techniques to alter safety and security for the commuters. It has been in the forefront towards adopting various energy conservative measures. Doubling illumination, consuming lesser energy; the Indian Railway has installed LED lights in railway stations and in trains across the country. The Indian Railway has also set up solar power plants to reduce its power bills and protect environment. With this development, they are also planning to install solar panels on vacant railway lands along railway tracks.

As per the direction and guidance of the Minister of Railways, concerted effort of the Railway Board and Zonal Railways, Indian Railways has achieved 100 per cent provision of LED lights in all the stations. Adding that the move would help the railways save Rs 50 crore per annum in electricity bills and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 60,000 ton.


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