Illuminating stations, Indian Railway goes eco-friendly with LED lights and solar panels

Making travelling easy, the transportation in India has been swiftly changing its course in making life feasible. Indian Railway has time and again transformed itself in shaping and welcoming new techniques to alter safety and security for the commuters. It has been in the forefront towards adopting various energy conservative measures.

Doubling illumination, consuming lesser energy; the Indian Railway has installed LED lights in railway stations and in trains across the country. The Indian Railway has also set up solar power plants to reduce its power bills and protect environment. With this development, they are also planning to install solar panels on vacant railway lands along railway tracks.

With installing these solar panels and using conservative methods, the Indian Railway has saved around 1.25 crore annually on power bills. The life cycle of the solar plants is between 20-25 years. Railway stations in Jaipur railway station has installed the solar panels so as to contribute itself in protecting the environment.

With this, Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal asserted that Indian Railways’ efforts for hundred percent electrification will soon be a reality. He said probably it will be the fastest rollout of electrification of railways in the world. Adding further he also said mitigating climate change is an agenda of good governance of NDA government and it has taken several measures in this direction.

India is committed to climate justice and support global efforts in this direction. The Minister further added that the country is committed to reducing carbon emissions and Railway is significantly contributing towards this direction.


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