Giriraj Singh calls Mamata Banerjee anarchist, says she’s targeting Muslim votes

Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Giriraj Singh has attacked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying that she made the civil war remark to target Muslim votes. Calling the Trinamool Congress chief an “anarchist”, the BJP leader said that she must face legal action for her remark on the Assam NRC, released by the state government on Monday.

“Such remark from people holding high offices of the country shows their mental condition. Does she even know what a civil war means? She is determined to ruin the country for the sake of votes. Will the country forgive her?” said Giriraj Singh.

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He further said that the TMC chief wouldn’t have made any such remark if the “illegal immigrants” had been Hindus. “In Bengal she targets Hindus, bans idol worship, files fake cases against Hindus. People of the state and the country will give an answer to her in the upcoming elections,” he added.

The BJP leader also attacked the Congress party, calling it double faced. Referring to a video of former prime minister Indira Gandhi, which was telecast of Zee News on Tuesday, Giriraj Singh said, “Indira Gandhi herself said that India cannot afford to take the burden of immigrants as it was already under pressure due to increasing population.”

On Tuesday, Mamata had accused the BJP of trying to divide the people, raising fears of a “civil war” over Assam NRC.

“They are trying to divide people. There will be bloodbath a civil war in the country,” she was quoted at an event in Delhi. “Only to win polls, people can’t be victimised. Don’t you think people whose names aren’t in list will lose a part of their identity? Please understand India-Pakistan-Bangladesh were one before partition. Whoever came from Bangladesh to India till March 1971 is an Indian citizen.”

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