Get your facts clear Mr Gandhi! France refutes allegations on Rafael secrecy clause supporting Modi government

Allegations proved wrong, facts proved right. All allegations proved wrong rebounding on Rahul Gandhi as the France government gave a statement dismissing the allegations stating that “In India and in France when a deal is very sensitive, we can’t reveal all details.”
Hitting back on Congress President Rahul Gandhi on his accusation on Rafael deal, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave a befitting answer slamming the leader to get his facts right and stop lying.
Rahul Gandhi in his speech in the Parliament claimed that there was no confidentiality clause in the Rafale aircraft deal with France and said the initial agreement was signed when the UPA was in power in 2008. The Congress leader alleged a scam in the Rafael fighter aircraft deal with France. He alleged that PM Modi’s government finalized the deal for 36 Rafael fighter jets with the French government at a higher price at a loss to the taxman to favor “a businessman”.
Responding to the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi’s allegations against her in the Rafale case, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said a secrecy agreement with France was signed in the year 2008 and Rafale deal was also covered in it. She said that the French president has indicated that price of the jets cannot be revealed and that what he told an MP is not relevant.
Proving the allegations wrong, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “It was an agreement of secrecy. I am not privy to what the French President told Rahul Gandhi. But I am referring to two particular interviews that the French President had given to Indian TV channels. In the interviews, the French President had said that commercial details of the Rafael deal cannot be revealed,” she said.

All you need to know about Rafael Deal
India in September 2016 inked a direct deal with the French government to purchase 36 new Rafale fighter jets in a 7.87 billion euro deal that is likely to bring major work to the Indian private sector in terms of offsets under the make in India policy.
The deal was inked after negotiations that last close to 18 months, with Indian negotiators finally bringing down the price by 328 million euros. The Rafael deal for 36 jets includes over 3 billion euros of work for the Indian industry over the next 7-8 years according to top defense ministry officials. Besides high-end technology like engine know-how, the major structural assembly is also likely in India, besides a chunk of avionics work.

India will also get latest weapons like the Meteor and Scalp missiles as part of the contract, besides a 5-year support package that assures high availability of the fighter. India will pay a 15 % advance and deliveries are to start in three years.

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