Frutation of a long-standing dream, Piyush Goyal flags off the Morappur-Dharmapuri Project in Tamil Nadu

Yesterday, The 78-years old dream of North-Western Tamil Nadu come true when Piyush Goyal laid the foundation stone of new railway line project for Morappur-Dharmapuri.

Goyal said, “it was made possible because of the BJP-led government favored development over corruption”. He strongly criticized the remarks from DMK and Congress that, the project as a mere election-time promotion.

Further, Goyal assured that, the project works will begin immediately and that an engineer has been appointed for the purpose.

He requested people to give away the land for the welfare of the district.

On this occasion, Piyush Goyal also flagged off the extended ‘Antyodaya Express’ rail service from Chennai Tambaran to Nagercoil, which has been working up to Tirunelveli. He also inaugurated the Chennai-Kollam Express.


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