Free from populism, myopia, BJP in MH releases ‘Sankalp-Patra’ proposing name Veer Savarkar for Bharat Ratna

Waking ahead in the state assembly elections, the BJP in its Maharashtra manifesto released today proposed the names of Mahatma Phule, Savitribai Phule and Veer Savarkar for the Bharat Ratna among promises of one crore jobs and better healthcare facilities.

Further focussing on the PMC Bank issue, CM Devendra Fadnavis today again assured the depositors that after the elections he would take this issue to the Centre. “We will request the Centre to help depositors get their money back. I will personally be following up on this”, he said. Here are other inportant promises made by the party in the manifesto:

  1. Krishna will carry excess water flowing in Koyna and other rivers to the permanent dry part of western Maharashtra.
  2. The next 5 years will ensure that the electricity used in agriculture is based on solar energy and will provide more than 12 hours of electricity to farmers.
  3. Will create 1 crore jobs in the coming five years. Will provide special employment opportunities by connecting 1 crore families with women savings group.
  4. By 2022 each will provide pure drinking water to the household. To invest Rs 5 lakh crore in collaboration with central government for basic amenities
  5. Create independent mechanisms for permanent repair and maintenance of all roads in the state.Through the Chief Minister’s Gram Sadak Yojana, all the settlements will be connected to the roads running for 12 months.
  6. Will stop the water from the rivers flowing from the west from the valley of Godavari to Marathwada and drought-hit parts of North Maharashtra. Marathwada water grid will be made by joining 11 dams.
  7. Will free Maharashtra from drought in the coming 5 years.
  8. For education, the enhancement of ambit of scholarships and financial support has been well-thought. The BJP ideates about quality institutions for quality education.

This Sankalp Patra seems a very well-studied and serious document and not just a piece of paper. The manifesto has been made keeping in focus the man standing at the last pedestal of the society. “We are committed to bringing the poor, villages, farmers, tribals and other backward classes into the mainstream,” said BJP’s working president JP Nadda in Mumbai at the launch of the party’s Maharashtra election manifesto.

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