Fearing another Rajasthan loan-waiver hoax, will Madhya Pradesh Rs 50,000-cr farm debt-waiver scheme be a boon for farmers?

Madhya Pradesh Congress Chief Minister Kamal Nath launched the Rs 50,000-crore farm debt-waiver scheme named ‘Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana’ on Tuesday. Now the question arises that is this scheme is only on papers or will it be in reality? Hailing the scheme as a milestone, CM Nath said it would benefit 55 lakh small and marginal farmers. He said the scheme is an investment in the economy, which can’t be strengthened without farmers.

The state cabinet gave its nod to waive crop loans of 55 lakh farmers on January 5. Before the Assembly elections in November last year, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had promised that if his party was voted to power, it would waive farm loans within 10 days of government formation.

By hearing these words one gets pumped up that their loans will be waived off but a fear arouses that isn’t the situation same as like Rajasthan where people have come out in protest alleging the loan waiver as scam bringing the Rajasthan Loan Waiver under scanner, Congress has shown its true colours where they listed pseudo beneficiaries name in loan waiver listed. In the tribal district of Dungarpur, there are many farmers who never took out the loan from the cooperative bank but their names are featured on the list of those whose short-term farm loan was recently waived off by the Gehlot government. Bank officials allege when Congress announced loan waivers they issued loans in name of people who never availed a loan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had rightly termed the farm loan waiver by Congress party as a ‘hoax’. While addressing a rally in Ghaziabad, PM Modi slammed the corrupt congress by asserting that Congress overturned the governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, but farmers are already facing the brunt of it as they have to stand in long queues to get Urea. Even in Karnataka, Congress made a backstage entry and established government there. They gave lollipops to people in terms of assurances, and promised loan waiver but only 800 people got their loan waived.

It is not just Rajasthan, but also in other states like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh farmers are still committing suicides in dozens. Is Congress really working for the people, for the farmers as they promised in their rallies? In a desperate attempt to come into power, the Congress failed once again and got trapped in its own mistake.


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