Fan favourite Spider-Man embarks on a journey far from home

One of the most awaited films of 2019, Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home” dropped their trailer with a bang on Wednesday. Tom Holland reprises the role of the web-spinning superhero, will be seen fighting crime in the city of Venice as he signs up for a school vacation to Europe.

After literally turning into ashes in Avengers-Infinity War, Spider-man will definitely be returning after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Unlike in Spiderman: Homecoming, Peter Parker is slightly disenchanted that he is even reluctant to take his Spider suit on vacation which he never parted with in Homecoming, and puts it on only after Nick Fury lectures him. We also see Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei, who has accepted Peter’s alter ego, pushing him to fulfil his superhero responsibilities by eventually packing the “Spidey suit” in his case.

The trailer shows when London is threatened by the Elementals (Sand Man, Molten Man and Hydro Man), Peter Parker will rise as Spider-Man again and fight the bad guys with Mysterio. American actor Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Mysterio.

Other than that, the Jon Watts film will also see Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, and Cobie Smulders in Pivotal roles.

The trailer has also raised number of questions for the fans as we see Nick Fury making an appearance in the film and almost everyone from the previous film but Peter Parker’s mentor Tony Stark aka Iron Man does not show any sign. A lot of whirlwind is taking place on the internet making assumptions of Tony Stark’s death in upcoming Avengers: End Game.

Keeping the fans on the edge, “Spiderman: Far from Home” will release on July 5, slightly after the release of Marvel’s “Avengers: End Game” which hits the theatre in April.


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