Fadnavis Find a Good Astrologer: Balasaheb Thorat

BJP has repeatedly accused the Thackeray government of not forming the government for long. On the same issue, the state revenue minister and Congress party’s state president has targeted BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis over the news of the BJP. Thorat has criticized Fadnavis for failing to find a good astrologer so all his predictions are in error.

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He is on a tour of Ahmednagar district. Speaking to the media at the time, he said that Fadnavis had claimed that the Opposition could not get 220 seats in the alliance before the assembly elections and that the opposition could not get enough seats.

Similarly, Fadnavis also said that this government will not last long after the establishment of the Alliance for Development. But Thorat said all their predictions were false. He ridiculed Fadnavis’ statement, and at this time he applied a false idea that Fadnavis should consult a good astrologer before making any prediction.

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On the other hand, the revised law of citizenship has created a division in society. Balasaheb Thorat said that the law will not be implemented in the state, even though the central government has announced that it is being implemented.

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