Eid- al Ecofriendly: Take a knife and cut a cake rather than goat

The occasion of Eid-al Adha or popularly known as Bakri Eid, we see thousands of goats get sacrificed for the feasts. But the people of Lucknow have proved that even the Bakri Eid can be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner. Rather than cutting the goat, people over there had cut a cake which had a picture of a goat. With this deed, the Muslims over there neither hurt their sentiments nor cut any animal.

A person who bought the cake said that “The custom of sacrificing an animal on Bakr-Eid is not right. I appeal to everyone to celebrate the festival by cutting a cake instead of an animal.” Although it is not clear how many people are opting for the practice, it is a good measure.”

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The Muslim Rashtriya Manch, a Muslim organization affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), had appealed to the Muslim community to end the practice of sacrificing animals and suggested them to cut goat-shaped cakes instead of sacrificing in 2017.

Might be the thing that this appeal would have struck the minds of Lucknow people and they have decided to celebrate this kind of Eid as it is a good initiative to save an animal’s life.

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