Drop tank of MiG 29K sets up flames at Goa Airport; Operations ceased temporarily

With the fire caused by a drop tank of MiG 29K which got detached whilst taking off at Goa, the State airport is declared closed temporarily where all efforts are being made to resume the flights as soon as possible.

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The Indian Navy in its social media handle went on to inform about the incident. “Flash. Goa Airport closed temporarily for a few hours view incident of fire caused by a drop tank of MiG 29K which got detached whilst taking off. All efforts in hand to resume flights ASAP”, it said assuring further that the MiG 29K fighter ac was safe.

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Sharing devastating pictures of the said incident on its twitter handle, the Indian navy supposedly has revealed the severity of the fire amid black smoke seen radial in the sky.

However, urging the masses to cooperate the Goa Airport has informed the duration of ceased operations, it being two hours. “Due to jettisoned fuel tank on runway during MIG sortie the operations are closed for two hrs at Goa airport. Pl bear with us”, the authorities at the airport tweeted.


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