Dr Payal case may be murder, or suicide, But strict action must be taken against the culprits.

The secret of the suicide of second year trainee student of the Famous Nair Hospital of Mumbai, Dr Payal Tadvi, is deepening secret.  on the one hand, where on behalf of the prosecuting attorney, claiming that the injury of the deceased Dr. Payal’s throat in the post-mortem report, shows The case of murder and  the defendant is continuously trying to make the case not even murder by anybody.

By all these circumstances Granted, many numerous evidence been exposed, which is clear to find that even though  Payal case is of sucide, but three accused doctor responsible for her suicide must be punished hardly

It is to be known that Dr Payal Tadvi, a student of second year of Medical education of female and gynecology department  in Nair Hospital, had committed suicide five days ago. And before the death, Dr. Tadvi talked to his mother crying and blamed  About continuous persecution by three partners. In which he took the name of Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti Mahere and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal. On this basis, the mother of the deceased had nominated these three doctors to the police.

In spite of many influence approach,  Mumbai Police arrested the three accused doctors in this case and presented them in the court, where the three doctors have been given  police custody till July 31. Public prosecutor Veena Shelar argued during the trial of these accused in the court,  Payal’s throat injury was discussed in the post-mortem report. With this, Expressed  doubt on The accused three doctors and gave many arguments of killing of the deceased

Sandeep Bali, counsel of one of the accused, placed the police station Panchnama report  in front of the court, in which the hostel’s doorstep was closed from the inside of the deceased’s suicide, and there was a clear mention of no one in the room of the deceased and on this basis the matter was mentioned. Even before the court, the lawyer Sandeep Bali, claiming not to be a murder

But according to the Leading English news Paper of “Mumbai Mirror” published from Mumbai, , In the Whatsaap chat done by Dr. Payal with her family and friends before her death, clearly shows that Payal was serious tortured by her seniors students , In her chat she clearly mention that day to day torture of seniors students

are increasing. And its hard for her to face it.And in the end, by calling his mother, he had committed suicide by asking them to commit suicide because of those three doctors.

Now the  courts and the police will decide whether it is murder or suicides But it is necessary to curb such things in the society such as raging , Student of medical, are getting harassment in the name of caste, caste slavery and abusive language.

We all knows how  student  from middle class family starts studying as medical student, by breaking a number of boundaries, Her  or his start in this filed boost many student of that area, but when such  student commits suicide due to these evils of society. Very ill massage goes in the society

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