Devendra Fadnavis became CM for 80 hours, saving 40 thousand crores of Center-BJP Leader Hegde

When former state Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was made the Chief Minister for just 40 hours in the past, former Union Minister and BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde have claimed that his party made Devendra Fadnavis the Chief Minister simply because the Chief Minister controlled Rs 40,000 crore. To be saved from ‘misuse’ of central funds of Rs. And that’s why Devendra Fadnavis was made the Chief Minister of Maharashtra last month despite not having a majority.

On the other hand, Devendra Fadnavis has said that this claim is completely false and fabricated and asked the agency to get the matter investigated.

Hegde, known for making a controversial statement, tried to give a new interesting twist to the episode, describing the BJP’s government formation in Maharashtra as a ‘drama’. Hegde termed Fadnavis’ resignation just 80 hours after taking oath for the second time as Chief Minister, saying that it was done so that funds given for development works could be ‘protected’.

Hegde said, “You all know that our man was chief minister in Maharashtra for just 80 hours recently but Fadnavis soon resigned. Why did we do this drama? Didn’t we know that we don’t have a majority, why did he become Chief Minister? This is the common question that everyone is asking. ”

Addressing a gathering on Saturday during the campaign for the by-election in Yellapur in Uttara Kannada district, he said, “The Chief Minister had more than Rs 40,000 crore under control.” If NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena had come to power then surely 40,000 crore rupees would not have been used for development work and it would have been misused. ”

The BJP leader said in the Kannada language, “It was already decided. When we came to know that the three parties were forming the government, it was decided to create this drama. So the settlement was made and Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister, after which, within 15 hours, Fadnavis delivered the money to where he should have gone and saved it. ”

He said, “All the money was given back to the central government or” the next chief minister … you know what would have been done. “

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