Delhi: 17 killed and many injured in “Arpit” hotel fire

(Shivam Dubey)

In Karol Bagh capital Delhi’s fire in hotel  took 17 people lives as a short circuit in the Hotel Arpit, which included women and children. Fire brigade arrived on the spot and rescue work was started as soon as the fire was reported. According to the Fire Department, seven people have been taken safely from the hotel. Due to the high fire, people came out by risking their lives and jumping out of the window on road.

Fire Department Deputy Chief Sunil Chaudhary said that 17 people were killed after the fire broke out at the Hotel Arpit Palace. Although the fire has been extinguished. The bodies are being taken out. Rescue work is still going on. The 26 vehicles of fire brigade arrived on the spot.

It is being told that there are 40 rooms in the hotel. 7 people of the same family who came from Kerala were rescued, while three were aware of the stranded. The peoples say that the fire was due to the short circuit. Ten people from the same family who came from Kerala were staying in the Hotel Arpit Palace. The dead include a child, a woman and 7 men.

When people were asleep in deep sleep, then there was a fire incident. The number of casualties became so big it is being told that the fire started at 5 o’clock. There was a panic in the fire as people started to fire and a situation like a stampede became.

Just a few days back, there was a fire in the Metro Heart Hospital located in Sector-12, Noida. This resulted in irresponsibility in the hospital. Some patients were pulled out by breaking the glass of the building. Two hours after fire brigade managed to control that fire.