Decision to open wine-shops for overall welfare of society should be withdrawn* ! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Governments should not risk the public health to increase its revenue* !

On one hand, governments took a courageous and praiseworthy decision to impose lockdown to save the lives of citizens due to spread of coronavirus, even at the cost of the shortfall in its income. However, on the other hand, governments have taken decision to open wine-shops just to increase the revenue. This decision may enhance the danger of spreading coronavirus across the country. Apart from this, the decision may result in an increase in atrocities being committed on women, wrong sanskars on children and spoiling the family life of lakhs of people. Therefore, central and state governments’ decision to open wine-shops which would adversely affect the overall welfare of society and curbing coronavirus spread should be immediately withdrawn, appealed Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Because of the permission to open the wine-shops, long queues of people appeared before the shops in many places across the country. This situation is very dangerous in view of the increasing infections of coronavirus and deaths caused by it. The rules imposed during lockdown by governments such as maintaining ‘social distancing’, wearing masks, gathering of not more than 4 people as per section 144, stay at home, etc. are being trampled. When such a situation arises even without consuming alcohol, what would be the condition when the people get drunk ? The liquor is not one of the essential consumable items. Because of this decision, the likelihood of an increase in coronavirus infections is more. Therefore, to encourage consumption of alcohol is like promoting the coronavirus infections and an increase in crimes in the country.

The proportion of crimes after consuming alcohol committed is more in the country. Even the statistics of the increase in incidents involving atrocities on women due to consuming alcohol are published regularly. Apart from this, alcohol is one of the main reasons behind murders, riots, suicides, domestic violence etc. The deaths caused due to consuming crude alcohol is another story. Therefore, for the welfare of society and in larger national interests, central and state governments should immediately withdraw the decision to open wine-shops, appeals Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Yours Truly,

Ramesh Shinde
National Spokesperson,
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.
Contact : 9987966666

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