Citizens are angry that Ganpati Bappa will be welcomed from the pits in Kalyan-Dombivali

( Shivam Dubey )

In Kalyan Dombivali, the city has become pathetic. The empire of the ravines has spread over the streets of the municipality. Citizens are demanding that the pits be repaired before Ganeshotsav. Meanwhile, the municipal administration has claimed that in the backdrop of Ganeshotsav, the work of the pit marmat is on a level. Although the main roads of Kalyan Dombivali are concrete, the inner road has been almost cleared. So there is anger among the citizens.

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It is difficult to drive vehicles in potholes on the roads. This creates an atmosphere of anger among the citizens.However, it takes about half an hour to cover the distance from Sahajanand Chowk to Patripul. Citizens face heavy traffic congestion.

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Therefore, looking at the overall situation, it seems that Kalyankar will have to come through the pits to bring Ganapati Bapa.

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