Child protection at par..! Jharkhand launches complaint website for children

Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Tuesday directed the members of Jharkhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (JSCPCR) to compile a list of such 16 to 18 year old girls, who were either trafficked or migrated and have been rescued or have come back.

He said, “JSCPCR should provide a list of girls 16 years and above who have been rescued so that they can be linked with the skill development projects of the State and earn a salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 monthly. This will prevent them from leaving the state again and being exploited.”

Inaugurating the web portal of JSCPCR, the CM congratulated JSCPCR for launching the new web portal, which will help bridge the gap between the people in interior areas of the State and the commission.

The website inaugurated six years after the formation of the commission in State, has an option of filing online complaints, suggestions and feedback.

“Keeping in view the Prime Minister’s vision of digital India and paperless work, JSCPCR has taken a huge step towards going online and providing a platform for people to complain about child rights violation,” the CM said.

He added, “The online complaint and feedback section in the website will help JSCPCR take immediate action.”

Anup Hore of Plan India, a social organization which helped JSCPCR develop the website, informed that there is also a plan to develop a mobile application for lodging complains of child rights violations. Explaining the complaint system on the website he said, “Initially there are five sections including trafficking, sexual abuse, child marriage, child labour and education but we are going to increase it further. People can fill in the details and keep the name of victim anonymous if they want to. Once uploaded, the complaint can be viewed by members of JSCPCR and action can be taken accordingly.”

Talking on the inaugural ceremony, JSCPCR chairperson Arti Kujur said that the state is very serious about child-related issues which can be seen by the introduction of special child budget in the Jharkhand budget announced recently.

She said, “The website will help us connect with the interior most areas of the state and get complaints from every district and village. JSCPCR is committed to making Jharkhand a child-friendly state and at present, a lot of work is being done to make Simdega the first child-friendly district.”

Meanwhile, Das pointed out that the reason behind child rights violation in the state is poverty and unemployment and the government is committed to end both these problems.

He said that the two major child rights violation issues in the state includes high dropout rate of girls in middle school and child marriage.

“To deal with this problem the government has come up with Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojna wherein, a girl child will be given Rs. 5000 for five times in her life, from when she is born to her reaching class 1, class 5, class 8 and class 10. In class 12 she will be given Rs. 10,000 and if she gets married after the age of 18 she would be given Rs. 30,000,” Das said.


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